Why In-Town Big Box Stores Might Not Be As Awful As You Think


What if in-town big box stores encourage people to drive less? That is, after all, a major policy objective of smart growth. Plenty of people who don’t want a big box store in their midst still drive 20 miles to get to one. Why not cut out those unnecessary emissions? And if you could go to a Sam’s Club once a month instead of a Safeway every week, wouldn’t that get people out of their cars more, too?

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Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal


Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials offered a glimpse Monday morning at the Apple store proposed for the train station, near the terminal’s east staircase. Apple plans to start building the gadget shop immediately, should the agency’s board give its approval Wednesday. Construction is expected to take about four months.

A new retail strategy implemented in one of the prime locations in New York City. One of the foremost in modern industrial design giants in one of the beloved historic designs in the world; a perfect match. I love the last three lines of the article.

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