Bike vs. Car: Parking Spot Edition


This simple but clever design has been making its way around the world. A similar design by cyclehoop was originally commissioned for the 2010 London Festival of Architecture. It\’s also been spotted in Sweden.

via The Atlantic Cities.


New City Parking Ordinance to “Turn Montrose into a Parking Lot”


While the amendment is aimed at solving the congested parking dilemma, it is clear that this amendment would have severe implications for the spatial use of our city. Businesses required to increase their parking would either redistribute their land or acquire more land for a parking lot. It could also mean the end of many small businesses, since some establishments are confined by space and any establishment can be fined $100 to $500 dollars each day they are not in compliance with the parking ordinance. It is clear that the creators of the amendment are aware of the fatal implications for small businesses since they included a clause for Historic Landmark buildings to be exempt from the ordinance.

Source: Free Press Houston.

Portland’s first ‘street seats’


Directly in front of their location on SE Division at 31st, Wafu has installed a large wooden deck with three tables and seats for 18 customers in a space of about two on-street auto parking spots. According to head chef Trent Pierce, they finished constructing the deck on Saturday and opened it for business for the evening dinner crowd last night. "It's awesome," said Pierce, "It was packed out there last night."

This happened in College Station too but with the guidance of the city. Nearly 10-15 on-street parking spots were reclaimed by the city to expand the pavement and allow for possible outdoor seating for the bars on Northgate.

[Link to Portland’s first ‘street seats’]

Between the Lines


That prized garage space or curbside spot you’ve been yearning for may be costing you—and the city—in ways you never realized. A journey into the world of parking, where meter maids are under siege, everybody’s on the take, and the tickets keep on coming

[Source: Los Angeles magazine]

I haven’t lived in an American city yet which has parking problems but I have heard that availability of a parking spot is often the deciding factor in where you live in the city. But even with an assured spot, you can still not be worry-free.