What is Stopping Poor People From Moving?


Why have people stopped moving? The reason, economists believe, is that while there are good wages in economically vibrant cities like New York and San Francisco, housing prices are so high that they outweigh any gains people stand to make in earnings. As a result, high-income cities are still appealing to many workers, but only highly skilled workers who can command salaries high enough to make it worthwhile to move. Low-income workers will end up spending much of their incomes on housing if they move, and so stay put.

Source: The Atlantic.

Why and Where do People Move


Pew offers a list of “Magnet States” and “Sticky States,” those that draw people from elsewhere, and those that keep their native sons. Turns out that D.C. is the least sticky state, and New York is the least magnetic. Nevada is the most magnetic, with almost 90 percent of its residents from elsewhere, and Texas is the stickiest — three quarters of adults were born there and will never, ever leave.

From Pew Research Center’s report on American Mobility on Movers, Stayers, the places they move to, and reasons they move for.