Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home


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George Kovacs Lighting Design


I’ll be reviewing one of Kovacs-designed lamps soon. So some background on him before I do:

One of the most recognizable names in the lighting industry, George Kovacs wore many hats throughout his forty-plus year career. Part lighting designer, part lighting manufacturer, part lighting importer – Kovacs’ design aesthetic stood out above the rest and helped to define modern lighting as we know it today.

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Geeky Home Decor


Quirky home decor is not only fun but also helps your home to stand out in the mundaneness of cookie-cutter furniture. Home Decor for Absolute Geeks celebrates the geekiness of our culture by unabashedly decorating homes with uber-cool gadgets and appliances. Of course, as they mention no wife in her right mind will allow these in her home so enjoy it while you’re single.

Soundproofing your Apartment


For a while I lived with a ‘rocker’ roommate who had drums, electric guitar, and the works and regularly practiced his art. He was considerate enough to pipe down when I asked him to and I actually even enjoyed some of it. But I wasn’t sure our neighbors appreciated it much. Heck, we even got the cops sent to us once for a noise violation. So how do we go about avoiding that?

Alexander  Gelfand and his percussion-crazy wife found themselves in a similar predicament when neighbors vowed to boot them out of their New York apartment. But they decided to be proactive and soundproof their apartment. They sure have some interesting suggestions and I had never heard of green glue or mass-loaded vinyl before. But of course, it didn’t come cheap:

Our total labor and sheetrock costs were around $4,000, with an additional $3,000 for materials. (We also invested $1,000 to have fiberglass insulation pumped into our walls to give the apartment a smidgen of sound isolation before the real work began.)

So unless you are really serious about your percussion skills, it may not be worthwhile. And of course, your spouse must love it too. There is no way to soundproof a marriage.

Orienting your office space


Inspired by Roger Ulrich’s findings on health care design that shed light on therapeutic landscape i.e. patients whose windows looked onto a green landscape had shorter postoperative stays, took fewer pain medications, and received fewer negative medical evaluations, Reg Adkins shares similar insights on ‘nudging’ your office:

  • Choose the corner that is furthest from your entrance for your desk. You will then be in a position to control your work which enhances your confidence.
  • Face in the general direction of the door when conducting business. This symbolism will help you remain open to possibilities.
  • Mirrors create distraction and anxiety. They leach away your control of the environment. Keep them away from your work area.

Read the rest at Adkins’s Elemental Truth. Now I would slightly wary of following these guidelines without completely understanding their significance. Vaastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architecture guide has also been reduced to a similar set of specific guidelines that emphasize more on spirituality instead of climate orientation that it was initially based on. The effects of therapeutic landscape are psychological as well as elemental in terms of environment and climate (hence the advice to go live seaside for some ailments). I hope such guidelines do not cross the bridge to blind faith and remain rooted to factual findings as Ulrich did.