Nearly Transparent Store Planned For France


One of the most unusual and amazing architectural designs for an Apple store will reportedly appear in Aix en Provence (France), featuring a nearly all-glass structure enabled by new technology developed by Apple’s glass suppliers

Don't walk into it.

[Link to Nearly Transparent Store Planned For France]


Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal


Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials offered a glimpse Monday morning at the Apple store proposed for the train station, near the terminal’s east staircase. Apple plans to start building the gadget shop immediately, should the agency’s board give its approval Wednesday. Construction is expected to take about four months.

A new retail strategy implemented in one of the prime locations in New York City. One of the foremost in modern industrial design giants in one of the beloved historic designs in the world; a perfect match. I love the last three lines of the article.

[Link to Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal]