How to Design a City for Women


The idea was to create housing that would make life easier for women. But what exactly did that mean? Time use surveys compiled by Statistik Austria, the Austrian national statistics office, showed that women spent more time per day on household chores and childcare than men. Women-Work-City was built with this in mind. It consists of a series of apartment buildings surrounded by courtyards. Circular, grassy areas dot the courtyards, allowing parents and children to spend time outside without having to go far from home. The complex has an on-site kindergarten, pharmacy and doctor’s office. It also stands in close proximity to public transit to make running errands and getting to school and work easier.

Source: The Atlantic Cities.


How Motion Can Bring Us Together Through Architecture



Through the way it dictates how inhabitants operate within its structure, architecture may be able to bring us together a little more purposefully. Jacob Esocoff explores this idea in his monograph In Motion. As the title alludes, the book is a collection of five conceptualizations of buildings that sculpt social activity by re-thinking how motion is introduced and incouraged within their spaces.

via The Creators Project.

Tax-Free Accounts for Homes


A coalition that includes real estate developers and investors has been floating the idea as part of a package of reforms intended to overhaul federally funded real estate programs. Home loan programs, direct grants and tax credits add up to some $450 billion a year in federal spending that the group says mostly benefits a small proportion of households.

via NYTimes.