From Bombay to Mumbai – In Pictures


From A Sleepy Koli fishing hamlet to the financial capital of India, Mumbai has come a long way. The Portugese who were its earlier occupants gave it its name – ‘Bom Bai’ or ‘The Good Bay’. Initially an archipelago of 7 islands, this port city rose to prominence after the British East India Company deemed it fit for trading and shifted base from Surat. After a series of reclamations and massive construction efforts, Bombay became what is it today – A mega metropolis.

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21 Views Of Workers Struggling With Megastructures


Mega Structures Painting

“To paint the Forth bridge” is a modern-day phrase equivalent to a “Sisyphean task”: an endless job that can never truly be completed.* The gigantic struggle of maintaining—cleaning, painting, and repairing—the largest structures on earth is an awesome one, and it deserves recognition.

Amazing photos. The grandeur of these structures can hardly be imagined without the human scale next to them.

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PLUTO Data Tour


The PLUTO dataset contains tax lot level data from the NYC Department of Finance Tax Map. It contains land use and geographic data about our city’s five boroughs

As of today, the dataset contains 857,879 tax lots across New York City.

Source: PLUTO Data Tour.

Buffalo, Then and Now (1902-2011)


Time has not served Buffalo well since. Fighting rapid population loss and economic stagnation, the city’s attempts to revitalize itself have resulted in swaths of surface parking and clusters of vapid office towers that impede on its radial street grid. We pulled sections from this 1902 map via the Library of Congress and compared it to current satellite imagery to see just how much has changed.

[Source: The Atlantic Cities]

Sadly, too many parking lots.