How to Make Crosswalks Artistically Delightful


Canadian artist Roadsworth believes street crossings should be more than asphalt safety keyboards. So for years he’s traveled around his native Montreal, as well as the world, transforming these pedestrian passages into eye-grabbing spectacles: a school of colorful fish, a skein of yarn, a skeleton, a row of large-caliber bullets.

via The Atlantic Cities.

A Roomba For Solar Panels


Roomba for Solar Panels

Using a spinning scrub brush and squeegee combination—plus an internal reservoir of detergent—the robot can clean over 1,000 square feet every hour, and everything from dust to bird droppings. It can keep on working even when a solar panel is tilted up to 30 degrees, and can span gaps up to 20 inches across allowing it to crawl from one panel to another.

via Gizmodo.

Art Houses of Houston


Fifth Ward Jam

Artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck have garnered recognition from using old homes as their medium in creating temporary installations. They created two public artworks (titled "Fifth Ward Jam" and "Inversion") in Houston, Texas, that are bizarre assemblages of wooden planks in flowing forms.

via Flickr.