3. Skills


Statistical Analysis: Hypothesis Testing, Linear Multivariate Regression Analysis, Logit and Probit Regression Analysis, Ordinal and Multinomial Regression Analysis, Hedonic Price Modeling, and Hierarchical Linear Modeling using SPSS®, SAS®, R, and HLM 5.0.

Qualitative Analysis: Text Analysis using SPSS Text Analysis Software. Facilitating community listening sessions and public forums.

Survey Design and Programming: Scantron®, LimeSurvey, Questionnaire Development System® (QDS), and Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software.

Database design and management: customized data entry and management system using the Apricot® platform

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Mapping and analysis, modeling, geocoding, using ArcGIS®, and MapInfo®. Graduate courses taken in Spatial Statistics and Geo-Data Analysis using R and GeoDa® at Spatial Science Laboratory, Texas A&M University.

Business, Design, and Web Authoring software: Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Publisher, LaTeX, HTML, AutoCAD®, Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress.

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