Are cities music?


For me, New York’s superpower is its chaos of interactions. It’s simple combinatorics: a city of eight million people can have nearly 32 trillion distinct one-on-one encounters. Think about that the next time you lock eyes with someone on the subway. You bump up against so many people that it feels inexhaustible; if you find this quality rejuvenating, you are officially a “city person.” It’s a setting in which certain kinds of artists thrive: those who play well with others and especially those who learn to harness the noise between people, the sounds and movements of those in their midst – and let it erupt through their work.

Source: New York Stories: Vijay Iyer.

One thought on “Are cities music?

  1. I love this. The amount of different people we encounter in a day is unbelievable. There are so many feelings you can acquire from just a second of eye contact. Check out my blog above. I am an urban planning student writing about my experiences and research.

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