When Your City Disappears


As one British writer put it, “the past is a foreign country.” The Bloomberg years, and the (pre- and post-9/11) Giuliani administrations saw a sea change in New York’s composition. The spectre of violent street crime sharply receded. Times Square turned from seedy to Disney. Entire new sectors of the economy, such as high-tech and boutique finance, flourished even as the city’s sputtering manufacturing sector suffered. Whole neighborhoods gentrified at once, with Bed-Stuy taking on a black and white cookie complexion and the Meatpacking District transforming into a playground for the rich and famous. And, of course, we’d be remiss not to mention how Brooklyn—once the butt of jokes and the homely borough that people ran away from—turned into a beacon for an entire aspirational and artisanal lifestyle.

Source: New York Tales — Medium.