Dropping Feedburner – Change your Feeds


If you’re an avid RSS feed reader, you may have encountered the brouhaha of Google shutting down Reader, one of the web’s prominent feed reader. As users scramble to find an alternative and I’m one of them, I have decided to preempt Google by moving away from its services that it may consider shutting down in the future. One of which is Feedburner and may impact you if you read this blog via a feed reader.

Please re-subscribe to this blog, if you’re still interested in reading, by using this feed – https://urbanplanningblog.com/feed/. If your feed reader is subscribed to this feed then you don’t have to do anything but if you’re subscribed to the Feedburner feed which is something like this – http://feeds.feedburner.com/UrbanPlanningBlog, then you’ll have to switch to the earlier one.

Now, do not be surprised if you’re redirected to the Feedburner URL. It is because, like an ass, I used a plugin to redirect my primary feed to the Feedburner one. I will shut down the redirection in couple of days. If you somehow don’t see any posts appear in your feed reader for say, couple of weeks or a month, you may want to visit my website to see if in fact I have made new posts and if I have, then please consider changing the RSS feed to what it always should have been – https://urbanplanningblog.com/feed/.

I promise, this will never change unless I shut down my blog. Thanks for still reading me.