Smart Cities Conferences


With two days of jam-packed content, SMART CITIES 2011 will discuss the most pressing issues currently facing our cities – improving public safety, easing congestion, maximising energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Bringing together city officials, utilities, transport operators, developers, investors, contractors and solution providers, SMART CITIES 2011 will show you how to utilise cutting-edge technologies, integrated urban planning approaches and sustainable methodologies to transform urban spaces into better places to live.

Anyone attending?

One thought on “Smart Cities Conferences

  1. Antonio Rossol

    Nice advertising film. I hope this conference really fulfills what it promises.
    has an obligation to change behavior, the way we produce and the way we consume

    I found an interesting website
    displaying some environmental keyfacts, many environmental answers
    and making suggestions for possible sustainable solutions:

    Best regards

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