India’s Urban Slum Population


As per estimates of the Committee set up by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation under the Chairmanship of Dr. Pranob Sen, Principal Adviser, Planning Commission (former Secretary, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, and Chief Statistician, Government of India) the slum population in the country is expected to touch 93.06 million by 2011.

India too conducts its census every ten years and the sheer size of numbers blows away your mind; Uttar Pradesh, one of the states in northern India now has a population of 200 million – almost two-thirds that of the entire U.S. Although 93.06 million in slums sounds like abject poverty, in reality its not exactly true. Some 'slums' in Mumbai are hotbeds of grassrooots entrepreneurship and although living conditions could be better, not all hope is lost.

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One thought on “India’s Urban Slum Population

  1. S.Pandian

    what about the  slum population as pe the 2011 census.Its a universel truth that no census survey will yeild accuracy.For instanse, it could be presumed that the socio economic survey conducted for Slum Free City Planning under RAY Project did not give correct results.Hence,latest statistics in this regard may be provided.So that it will be useful for the other on going slum devt programs all over India

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