The Value of Urban Clustering


The first, quite striking fact about this part of the country is an enormous stability in population patterns over time. Those counties that were highly populated remain so, and those less populated remain relatively less populated.

The first studies from the new Census have started streaming in. I've already done my first set of sampling from the new Census for a survey project that began this month. The data is as fresh as it can get 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Value of Urban Clustering

  1. Jaleesa2008

    Is it better to have counties that are densely populated or sparsely populated? Dense communities can have major benefits, but come with enormous drawbacks as well. Sparsely populated areas are home to spread out suburbs which require extensive use of automobiles to live the average life. Which do you think is more beneficial? And do you think that Gibrat’s Law is applicable?

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