How Skyscrapers Can Save the City


Besides making cities more affordable and architecturally interesting, tall buildings are greener than sprawl, and they foster social capital and creativity. Yet some urban planners and preservationists seem to have a misplaced fear of heights that yields damaging restrictions on how tall a building can be. From New York to Paris to Mumbai, there’s a powerful case for building up, not out.

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One thought on “How Skyscrapers Can Save the City

  1. I read this article in The Atlantic, and came away very surprised at the author’s conclusions.

    At one point, he seems to say that a half-million dollar apartment is reasonable or sustainable: “for ordinary skyscrapers, it doesn’t cost more than $500,000 to put up a nice 1,200-square-foot apartment”

    Later, he dings Mumbai for building policies which he says lead to an average 50-minute commute. Coming from New York, I’d say a 50-minute commute is pretty good!

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