2 thoughts on “No McMansions for Millennials

  1. Guest

    Ugh, only the WSJ would use “Gen Y.”

    I found article this pretty condescending. The leading edge of the Millennial generation is approaching *ahem* 30 and puts down the Wii for a minute or two. Do the developers really think that we don’t remember what is like to live “in our parents homes” that they’ll say “for now”?

    But other than the tone, it has it pretty much nailed — I am old Millennial and have reached most of the major “adult” milestones (spouse, kids, and dog). We have found both the Boomer-exurbia and the Greatest Gen-suburbia do not suit us well and are working toward moving back into an urban setting — for good. I will happily give up sf and pay $$ to walk even if that includes tuition for my grade schoolers.

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