Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time


The Public Servant Blog lists the top 20 Urban Planning success stories. Recent projects like New York City's High Line to city-wide success like in Eugene, Oregon feature in the excellently-compiled list.

[Link to Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time]

One thought on “Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time

  1. Paul Spreiregen

    Making such a list is a very interesting idea, but other authors, among them E A Gutkind and Pierre Lavedan, have done this and taken it much further. Twenty citations hardly does the subject justice. The Boston Park System by Charles Eliot and the plan for the rebuilding and expansion of Ferrara Italy by Biaggio Rosetti certainly deserve to be on such a list, as does the Plan des Artistes and the work of Haussmann in Paris. What about the plans for Beijing as it evolved? What about classical Greek or Roman colonial town planning? What about St Petersburg’s several plans? With these citations I’ve barely scratched the surface. A compilation is a very nice idea, but twenty could be vastly expanded.

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