Revitalizing Parking Garages


The harsh, almost geological angularity of the parking garage shears through Lapidus’s easy informality, yet with its open structure and its canted and V-shaped columns there is a faint echo of playful MiMo. The developer, Robert Wennett, has used Miami Beach’s parking shortage to smuggle in a layer of retail for which he otherwise would have struggled to get permission. Boutiques and bookshops at ground level establish a pattern of (upmarket) retail for (the now mid-market) Lincoln, while four condos on a new street at the side help with profits, leaving Wennett’s own penthouse and a restaurant to occupy the top floor. There is even a shop halfway up the ramps, isolated and intriguing.”

[Source: / Arts / Design & Architecture] After malls and big lot retail stores, parking garages are the new target for smart revitalization.