White House Urban Policy Office Chief


The Obama transition team announced the chair of the newly-created office of Urban Policy. Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion will head the new White House office of Urban Policy:

Carrion is a well-liked, pro-development official who has tried to enhance his limited power through an alliance with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and gives the New York mayor — whose aide was just appointed HUD Secretary — another ally in the White House, and suggests a New York-centric urban policy.

After eight years of hands-off policy from the Feds, it remains to be seen how a progressive administration fares toward urban policy.

Carrion was an important figure in the development of the Bronx Terminal Market & Hunts Point Vision projects and was responsible for bringing George Steinbrenner of the Yankees and the City to the table for negotiations in the development of the new Yankee stadium. On urban transportation, he was a vocal supporter of New York’s congestion pricing plan.

One thought on “White House Urban Policy Office Chief

  1. Michael Dieden

    Please provide an update on the WH Office on Urban Policy. Was Mr. Carrion officially appointed? Have there been other appointments? Who in the WH does the Office of Urnab Policy report to?

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