Living Near the Coast Down Under


Australia is a continent by itself albeit the smallest one yet

“Eighty percent of Australians live within 80 miles of the sea; 50 percent of the country’s houses sit less than 8 miles from a beach” [source].

Isn’t that amazing? People definitely love living near the sea. The United States coastlines also house the majority of the country’s population; so does India and China. It definitely makes you think of the impact global warming will have on the ensuing rise in sea levels.

5 thoughts on “Living Near the Coast Down Under

  1. You ever driven 50 miles away from the cost of Australia? There’s a reason everyone lives so close to the water… and it has less to do with the water than the other obvious factor.

  2. Chris, of course I’m aware of the reason and my statement of love to live near the sea was in light of the fact of similar location behavior in other countries.

  3. I hear ya’, but If the location behavior in Australia has much more to do with a vast and expansive area of nothingness, which gives no other choice than to live the the coast, it seems that there is less TRUE similarity than it first appears.

    Seems like some root analysis is required as to the “whys” of the location choices.

    I’d posit that many (most?) countries have their mass of population near the shore because of previous trade patterns and the reliance upon water to move goods. Have to be near a port for trade, need to be near a port to make money.

    And all that said, Australians do in fact love the water.

  4. Chris, I agree. Locational decisions even those in close proximity of water can hardly be explored in depth in a 50-word post 🙂 As you said, even if the land inside Australia was more hospitable, Aussies would still live near the sea.

  5. Sym

    I don’t think the majority of Americans live near the sea, though some of the largest urban areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Miami and others are located near the ocean, whereas numerous large urban areas are found inland, many hundreds of kms (or miles) from the coast: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago (located on the shores of a huge lake, Lake Michigan), Minneapolis and many others.

    Australians have many reasons to live next to the sea, but a love of the ocean is no doubt a big contributing factor. Most Australians can’t understand why you would build huge cities like Las Vegas or Phoenix in the middle of nowhere. Aussies love the ocean, whereas many Americans living away from the sea don’t really seem to care, otherwise Phoenix, etc. wouldn’t be so large.

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