Redesigning the Eiffel Tower


“Serero Architects have won the open competition to redesign any of the Eiffel Tower’s public reception and access areas as a celebration of the 120th birthday of Gustave Eiffel’s original creation” [source]. Don’t worry, the installation is temporary in nature and won’t modify the original structure in any way. But Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s recognizable icons itself was supposed to be a temporary structure [for the World Fair].

One thought on “Redesigning the Eiffel Tower

  1. Eiffel

    I have written an article on the Eiffel Tower. Thought it would be interesting…

    Yes, it is true. The Eiffel Tower was to be pulled down in 1907, but it was left standing because it was useful in radio communication. It was built without any practical purpose just to show the Industrial might France had. Now it has a purpose–Tourism 🙂

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