Dubai’s Next Island


Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should. “This gleaming hunk of urban development is about to rise on an artificial, perfectly square island off the coast of Dubai” [source]. Dubai has been going crazy creating all these islands off their coast probably because coastal properties enjoy greater demand and thus elicit higher prices. But in the long run, these islands are proving to be an environmental disaster as they end up destroying the marine life and coral reefs in the vicinity which are an integral part of the ecosystem. This 6.5 square kilometer mini-city is being designed by noted architect, Rem Koolhaas. Why would you care for the environment when your paycheck from this job alone can let you retire in riches?

2 thoughts on “Dubai’s Next Island

  1. Josh

    I don’t think there is any coral life in or around Dubai. Part of the Palms development is artificially creating coral to bring life to the Persian Gulf.
    That been said, the development in Dubai and its bastard cousin Abu Dhabi have had untold damage on the natural environment. These man-made islands require massive amounts of rock, entire moutain ranges have been destroyed.

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