The Ultimate Future City Plan


After taking a stab at designing the ‘ultimate’ home, Scott Adams (of the Dilbert fame) takes on the challenge of an ultimate city plan. I hope someone has told him that it has been tried before only to fail miserably.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Future City Plan

  1. Steve Hammell

    future cities will be solar arcologies producing food, recycling waste materials, reusing organic waste to manufacture soil, reusing composted human waste even, capturing and reusing rainfall, generating power with PV-Hydro-Wind-Methane other systems, transit oriented development without cars, lots of bikes, labor intensive industry etc etc but where are we beginning to make the transition in this country? i see much more of this kind of thinking going on in northern europe, japan, even china, but here? any thoughts?
    for american capitalism to transform itself into an ecological-economic steady state system, where private property ownership does not have priority over the need to maintain a sustainable – renewable public domain; and where interests of the common good supersede unilateral uses of private capital, where do you begin to envision and to design a system that will have all the bells and whistles of an intellectually vibrant, culturally stimulating, ethnically-racially diverse, economically dynamic, ecologically sustainably society? i look around at philadelphia where i live and wonder how a city this large with so much economic and social inequity will make the transition. ideas?

  2. CESC

    Hey, I was dwelling upon these thoughts for a long time.

    I am an MBA candidate, with a background in science, and always thought about building the ULTIMATE city/town. this would include all of what you have mentioned, plus other things.

    Mind you i dont have all the education and formal education of everything, but I find it very fascinating, interesting, and worth exploring. It is a definite reality of the future.

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