Not another new look


Yup, I’ve done it again. I just hope I can keep my hands off tweaking the look and focus more on the writing & linking. But I promise this will stay (until the next itch) for a longer time. After realizing that this blog is more about linking and sharing media, I wanted to focus more on those aspects. Of course, I’ll occasionally write the long rave/rant/op-ed.

Also, after reading Archidose’s rant on advertising-heavy blogs, I decided to cut back on the ads. But I still have to pay the bills to keep the lights on so right now, this blog is only monetized using the Google ads at the top, Text Link Ads at the bottom, and the Amazon Book Store. I hope those are as un-intrusive as ads can get. Feed readers need not worry; nothing is changed for you guys.

Of course, thoughts and opinions are always welcome. If you place your cursor over a particular post, three options pop up on the right. The top one will take you to comments. Otherwise my inbox is always open.