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I have tinkered around with the design of this blog a little. Ok well, a lot! I’ve brought back the Sandbox design theme that allows for inline asides. Asides are tidbits that don’t necessarily warrant an entire post and can serve as quick links to interesting news or information. The reason for bringing this back is to keep me posting more often on this blog although the next few months are the most hectic of my academic life.

Of course, I have customized the theme quite a bit and have reduced the number of ads. If you surf this blog through the feed or the front page, you won’t see many ads. But if you found this blog through a search engine, you might see a fair amount of them. But the ads are the reason, this blog is still alive. I am rejecting most of the paid reviews and am only posting on book reviews that I find interesting. There are still some unresolved issues in the design but I will eventually get around to fixing them. The header images are from Flickr and randomly rotate with each page refresh.

Let me know either in comments or email if you like this design or have any suggestions.

Update: The K2 design change lasted for far less time than I anticipated. This ‘Sandbox’ design theme I feel styles asides better. K2 code is far more difficult to modify. If you have problems with the dark background, I suggest reading it from your RSS feed reader by subscribing to the blog feed.

4 thoughts on “Blog Redesign

  1. Wow, this is a big change. I have to say that I liked the previous design the best out of the ones I’ve seen. I find this one a little hard to read.
    But you’ve got really interesting stuff, so I’ll be back.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. I’ll try to keep the posts as short as possible. Also, use a feed reader to read the longer posts and drop by to check the more-frequently updated Asides (blurbs).

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