Demolition from Ground Up


Building demolitions in urban areas as part of redevelopment have always been messy affairs although well planned (and executed) implosions can be quite dramatic. However, just as that credit card company[I forget which] commercial shows that buildings aren’t built top down, buildings similarly cannot be demolished bottom up. Or can they?


This amazing feat of dismantling an existing building from ground up is being done in the heart of London. Why from ground up instead of the traditional way? Because when the P&O building was constructed in 1965, each floor was hung from a huge beam at the top of the tower and supported by the central core [source]. Thus the building is being dismantled a floor at a time from the bottom while exposing the central core. After all floors have been removed, the central core will be demolished the old fashioned way.

Anyway, until the building is entirely dismantled, it certainly looks cool and literally stands like a piece of art in central London. Too bad it won’t last long.