4 thoughts on “Earning on an Urban Planning Blog

  1. Maybe not self sustaining, but certainly a bit of extra cash in my pocket.

    Until our industries realize the potential for sharing and communicating through blogs, the exposure and daily traffic just isn’t enough to bring in the big bucks!

    But if you can write the occasional post like, “18 Great Presents for Bloggers”…
    you can supplement your income quite nicely through affiliates and referrals.

  2. The exposure and niche is just not large enough for big self sustaining earnings. However, writing quality “Flagship” content will bring in the search engine results allowing your blog to monetise itself.

    Affiliates are a good source of income too, when linked to in a relevant context..

    See my post “18 Great Presents for Bloggers” for a recent example of affiliate linking in context…

  3. Urbanmike, true. Perhaps urban planning is not yet a lucrative field on the web yet; monetizing-wise I mean. But your strategy of using affiliate links is useful however I would prefer them to be more relevant if I am using them within posts.

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