Crazy Cantilevers


Constructing a cantilever structure is one of the most difficult things for a structural engineers to do. Remember the thumb-rule – for every foot cantilevered, you must anchor it at the support to a depth of 1.5 feet. For an architect, cantilevers are beautiful things and can literally extend capabilities of their building while remaining beautiful. They offer limitless opportunites but are beyond the technical capabilities of architects to maximize their utility completely. This struggle between the structural engineer and the architect has always been fraught with compromises and hence mediocrity in design. That’s why it is a refreshing change to see structures that push the envelope and exist in defiance to all logic:

cantilever buildings in netherlands


3 thoughts on “Crazy Cantilevers

  1. anu

    this building is really great………it’s really a refresh of new ideas……..but I was assking my self, how is its konstruction done?? can you e-mail me please a photo of the cantilever structure or one of the engineer cantilever counstruction?

    best regards!!!! GREAT JOBB

  2. nitin kakade

    it’s an outstanding job
    hat’s offf to architects & structural designers who made this building

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