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You know a country has too much money when they build a hundred acre park covered with lush green grass in the middle of a desert or for that matter, even a skiing slope. Dubai is no stranger to ostentatious spending but compared to its equally rich cousins in the Middle East, the rulers of Dubai tend to ‘invest’ their oil revenues in their infrastructure and building an alternative to an after-oil future rather than building colossal palaces (just because you can!) I was in Dubai seven years ago and my brother and I chose to visit this thriving economy rather than idle our time on Mall Road in some Indian hillstation. Of course, we missed out on sylvan-lined bucolic evening walks but instead were exposed to wealth as never seen before. Since then, we have heard that there are plenty more things that Dubai has to offer including your own private island shaped like a country within a set of islands set to the world map.

We’ve all heard of the construction boom that is going on in Dubai so I thought it wise to revisit the Dubai property market through a paid review of LatticeWerks. You have seen the glamorous symbols of Dubai like the arching sail-like Burj-Al Arab Luxury Hotel and the view of the Giant Palm Islands but did you know that a majority of the construction cranes in the world are found in Dubai? That in itself should tell you that it is not over yet and the future of Dubai skyline is just beginning to form.

LatticeWerks, a property investment firm in Dubai gives us an overview of why you should invest in Dubai. I just hope they would increase the font a little and emphasize the headlines more since it makes it extremely difficult to read and you don’t want to lose out on potential investors if they can’t read your website, right? And of course, everyone loves photos of fancy buildings and cityscape. Perspectives of upcoming projects and a view of the future doesn’t hurt either. Convincing investors in overseas property can be much more tricky than showing them palm trees lined oceanfront property in say, Florida.

That brings me to another point -are customers convinced of investment opportunities by simply browsing through the websites of investment companies? Probably in hot property markets like Dubai, nothing can go wrong (or will it?) but are customers still gullible to read a rosy picture description of a faraway land and willingly hand over their hard earned money or will they demand more information even if it is on the Web? Probably I’m looking at it the wrong way. Probably such websites merely open the Pandora’s box and hook in the consumer making him initiate an enquiry following which the sales experts take over.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Dubai – advertising the property market

  1. The main point is that the advertising campaign should be effective and should target a chosen section of population in the best way possible.
    Customers will buy property if they are told that the investment will be beneficial for them.

  2. Once you have made the important decision to let your property, you now have to present the house or flat to potential tenants. It is vital when presenting a rental property that not only is the property pitched at the right price, but offered in good order too. This doesn’t just mean the property itself but the advertising of the property. This needs to be effective as it will be the tool that generates the initially interest of potential tenants.

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