New York gets new street furniture


new york street furniture

Via Treehugger, I get this news that New York is getting a major upgrade in its street furniture. Apartment Therapy gives us more insight on the public toilets:

“These state-of-the-art facilities offer comfort, hygiene, accessibility, and security to the public, within a modern design. Designed to self-sanitize after each use, the APTs will also be serviced twice a day for inspection and system maintenance, affording the people of New York a safe and valuable convenience.”

Any decent, aesthetically-pleasing, and of course, functional street furniture is always welcome in an urban environment. Hopefully these will be self-financed by the advertisement space they offer so as not to be a burden on the tax payers. Cemusa, a Spanish Outdoor firm has reportedly won a $1billion contract to sell ads on New York’s street furniture.

4 thoughts on “New York gets new street furniture

  1. Who actually pays for the street furniture in the end? Is it the user? The Advertiser? The Community? One things for sure new street furniture makes the place look better.

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