Gazprom City Designs


Architecture continues to push boundaries and of course, Daniel Libeskind is doing his share of pushing as designs for Gazprom City in St.Petersburg [HQ for the Russian gas giant] stream in. The building is expected to rise at least 300m into the air and symbolize the growing power of the firm. Check out the other designs in the image gallery – each is more ambitious than the other.

After 9/11, people were ready to write off towering skyscrapers as they tend to be sitting ducks for potential terrorism. But they are larger than ever and fears of terrorism are history. Right from the age of the Pyramids, bigger has always been considered better but is it really? Such a tall building in the heart of historic St.Petersburg is a virtual slap in the face of the city’s urbanscape. I have always believed in contextual design and this is so not it. But then again, change is revolutionary and departs from the status quo.

3 thoughts on “Gazprom City Designs

  1. The key words here for any Libeskind design are ‘…and symbolize the…’ – he’s obsessed with symbolism and the final result is always a slap in the face for the local context.

  2. Rob, I agree. Any time an architect gets larger than the building he is designing, he is on the decline. The world may not think so but he is.

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