Top 10 Planning Books for 2007


Holiday season is almost upon us and it is time to get cozy with the books. Here are the top 10 Planning books for this year as ranked by Planetizen:

Cover: Drosscape
Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America
By Alan Berger
Princeton Architectural Press, 256 pagesBuy this book
Cover: Green Cities
Green Cities: Urban Growth And the Environment
By Matthew Kahn
Brookings Institution Press, 160 pagesBuy this book
Cover: How To Live Without A Car
How to Live Well Without Owning a Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life
By Chris Balish
Ten Speed Press, 216 pages
Cover: Jane Jacobs, Urban Visionary
Jane Jacobs: Urban Visionary
By Alice Sparberg Alexiou
Rutgers University Press, 231 pagesBuy this book
Cover: Planet of Slums
Planet of Slums
By Mike Davis
Verso, 256 pages

Cover: Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster

Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
Edited by Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Wachter
University of Pennsylvania Press, 400 pages Buy this book

Cover: Street Smart

Street Smart: Competition, Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Roads
Edited by Gabriel Roth
Transaction Publishers, 581 pages Buy this book

Cover: Suburb Reader

The Suburb Reader
Edited by Becky Nicolaides and Andrew Wiese
Routledge, 552 pages Buy this book

Cover: There Goes The Hood

There Goes the ‘Hood: Views of Gentrification from the Ground Up
By Lance Freeman
Temple University Press, 248 pages Buy this book

Cover: This Land

This Land: The Battle over Sprawl and the Future of America
By Anthony Flint
The Johns Hopkins University Press, 310 pages Buy this book

One thought on “Top 10 Planning Books for 2007

  1. on the subject of books– check out ‘the rise of creative class’ by richard florida. here in philly, there’s much debate abt keeping the jobs in the city/ considering it’s such a huge collegetown, but we seem to lose them all to nyc etc.
    this book paints a hopeful scenario for cities such as philly for the coming future.

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