3 thoughts on “National Park Service Map Symbols & Patterns

  1. Mike Lair

    An Urban Planner led a tour of the Washington Circle Forts at the Washington Conference of the OAH last spring…could anyone send me his name?
    Mike Lair

  2. National parks and nature reserves are beautiful places that need to be preserved worldwide.

    The most limiting factor in conservation world wide is the shortage of rangers: estimated at over 100,000 in developing countries. Currently no government or conservation organization in the world addresses this problem. That is why the Adopt A Ranger Foundation has been created: http://www.adopt-a-ranger

    Help us spread the cause by visiting the Adopt A Ranger website and leaving a message on your park visits at: http://www.birdlist.org/phpbb and posting some of your picture of national parks at: http://www.nature-worldwide.info/phpbb

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