Search for an Apartment with Maps


The best thing about Google Maps is the mashups you can do with different customizable services. MyApartmentMap was only waiting to be implemented. Fall is upon us and thousands of students will be apartment hunting not to mention working professionals who keep moving around. Looking for an apartment can be crazy although Craigslist has made things little easier. In fact, this site works in conjuction with Craigslist and use that listing to plot the locations using Google Maps. But this new tool makes it visually more pleasing as it combines apartment listings with Google Maps for easier comparison.

I managed to find one listing for College Station, the town that I currently live in. But the major cities are listed extensively and the more choices will be available as the site becomes more popular. You can sort by price, number of bedrooms, date the ad was posted, and of course, the locality. Pretty cool, eh?

Housing Maps is another related site with maps and housing ads.

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