Neighborhood Video Tours


After I wrote about iPod-powered walking tour narrations offered by a Cleveland-based website, we can get more lazy and get a video tour instead. TurnHere is collecting reader-submitted videos of neighborhoods all over America:

Want to become part of our certified professional network? Send us a 90-second video about a place—-a neighborhood, a landmark, a bar, a street or trail.  Use an interesting local narrator.  Entertain and inform us. (Watch the films on the site for an idea of our style and format.)  If we like your video, we’ll put it up on TurnHere.

You could spend hours (well, if we have a ton of them) watching these interesting videos or you could be walking for real down there. Well, until I get enough money to travel around simply to experience a sense of a place, I’ll stick to this cool website. But I wonder how much can you really cram into 90 seconds. I don’t want a MTV-style music video of my neighborhood.

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