Vegas is the new Florida


The Economist reports that “Nevada has the fastest-growing elderly population of any state. The number of Americans over 65 rose by 16.8% between 1990 and 2004, slightly slower than the growth of the population as a whole. In Nevada it rose by 100.5% and in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, it rose by 122%.”

This certainly gives a new twist to their tourism slogan – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Jokes aside, the casino business is proving to provide decent and non-strenuous [physically] jobs as compared to driving the toy train in the hot summer sun at Disneyland. Las Vegas apart from being the fastest growing city is also attracting a wide demographic of people other than elderly folk and this certainly gives a filip to housing demand. As the housing bubble in neighboring California continues to grow, senior citizens with a fixed income prefer the equally warm climate of Vegas to settle down.

And what’s more? With a great air link, the children have no excuse not to visit.

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