Green Buildings: Now Mainstream


A trend that has taken hold across the USA in the past few years is evolving to a new level. What has been a patchwork of green buildings in many cities is expanding to whole communities, whole neighborhoods. Portland, well known as an urban-design innovator, particularly for its transit-oriented developments, is leading the way again.

The green ethic — energy-efficient, water-stingy buildings full of features that stress the natural over the chemical, the recycled over the new and the renewable over the finite — is firmly mainstream [source].

Green technologies is a consious choice that we have to perserve with. I am glad to see that finally green buildings are coming into their own and becoming more mainstream and achieving defacto standards as opposed to experimental. The Green Building 101 is a good place to start if you want to know more.

One thought on “Green Buildings: Now Mainstream

  1. Diana Schuhmachen

    Yeah, it really appears to be a new fashion trend, but at the end one that we all should join, if we want to avoid the worst case…

    I believe that the attempt to
    create more sustainable cities can actually help our economy. I searched the
    web a little and lots of companies are now focusing on developing new
    technologies and changing the appearance of US cities. Siemens, for instance, has
    just launched a new website: Let’s hope we somehow achieve to create more jobs here in the US – I believe that politics and corporations
    need to work more closely together to benefit from synergies.

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