A Shiny New Dome


The stark reminder of Hurrican Katrina – the battered dome roof of the Superdome (largest free-standing dome upstaging the Pantheon) was finally fixed today:

The job required 120 roofers working round the clock since March 1 to finish. When it was done, workers had replaced 10,463 pieces of galvanized metal decking and sprayed 500,000 gallons of polyurethane foam sealant to the 9.7-acre surface.

Five other projects also are on track: replacement of 14,000 seats in the club, plaza and terrace levels that were damaged during the storm; installation of a new epoxy flooring system in the ramps and concourses; remodeling of the 38 permanent concession stands; installation of a new technology infrastructure; and the new video board-scoreboard-LED ribbon board system.

“We’re confident the building is going to be ready for football by Sept. 25, but the project is far from over,” Thornton said. “We’ve got a long way to go.”

I would ask a different question. Is it ready for the hurricane season?