No More Beachfront Property?


Thanks to global warming and climate change crisis, beachfront property might not seem like a feasible option in the future. Increase in sea level will definitely impact such properties as the world’s geography undergoes some serious changes. The New York Times mentions that:

According to a 2000 report by the Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, at least a quarter of the houses within 500 feet of the United States coast may be lost to rising seas by 2060. There were 350,000 of these houses when the report was written, but today there are far more.

That is indeed a significant impact and this time, it will not affect the lower income group of people like it did in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Denial may work for some time but in the long run, beachfront properties will be the first line of defense in our battle against rising waters. And as we have been constantly reminded, nature always wins.

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