From Bombay to Mumbai – In Pictures


From A Sleepy Koli fishing hamlet to the financial capital of India, Mumbai has come a long way. The Portugese who were its earlier occupants gave it its name – ‘Bom Bai’ or ‘The Good Bay’. Initially an archipelago of 7 islands, this port city rose to prominence after the British East India Company deemed it fit for trading and shifted base from Surat. After a series of reclamations and massive construction efforts, Bombay became what is it today – A mega metropolis.

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6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever


Okay, you’re thinking, but where do all the cars go? It turns out that when you take out a high-occupancy freeway it doesn’t turn the surface streets into the equivalent of the Autobahn. A theory called “induced demand” proves that if you make streets bigger, more people will use them. When you make them smaller, drivers discover and use other routes, and traffic turns out to be about the same. Don’t believe it? Check out these freeway removals in cities all over the world and see for yourself.

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Why Downtown Development May Be More Affordable Than The Suburbs


Downtowns throughout the country rarely get the respect they deserve, especially when it comes to the economic impact they have on their communities. There is a growing awareness that suburban development patterns – also known as “sprawl” – may be environmentally unsustainable. Meanwhile, the work done by Joe Minicozzi, a planner and founder of the consulting firm Urban3, has begun to shed new light on how suburban expansion could be economically unsustainable as well.

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Income Gap, Meet the Longevity Gap


One of the starkest consequences of that divide is seen in the life expectancies of the people there. Residents of Fairfax County are among the longest-lived in the country: Men have an average life expectancy of 82 years and women, 85, about the same as in Sweden. In McDowell, the averages are 64 and 73, about the same as in Iraq.


How to Make Crosswalks Artistically Delightful


Canadian artist Roadsworth believes street crossings should be more than asphalt safety keyboards. So for years he’s traveled around his native Montreal, as well as the world, transforming these pedestrian passages into eye-grabbing spectacles: a school of colorful fish, a skein of yarn, a skeleton, a row of large-caliber bullets.

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Argument over a Brownstone


Most peo­ple would agree that the brown­stones and small apart­ment build­ings nes­tled in the south­west cor­ner of Bed­ford-Stuyvesant, Brook­lyn, are for the most part drop-dead gor­geous. The 800 largely in­tact res­i­den­tial build­ings, rep­re­sent­ing Ital­ian­ate, Queen Anne, Ro­man­esque Re­vival and Ren­ais­sance Re­vival styles, are ex­e­cuted in rich rusts, browns and ter­ra cot­tas, and adorned with gra­cious bowed win­dows, gen­er­ous­ly pro­por­tioned stoops and ador­able lit­tle tur­rets. The re­sult, in the opin­ion of the New York City Land­marks Pres­er­va­tion Com­mis­sion, is “an ex­traor­di­nary well-pre­served late-19th-cen­tu­ry streetscape.”

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